Our Core Values

Proactively involve ourselves with fashion trends.

Our cart is of value to the public because it is updated with the latest available models.


Always seek to understand our customers first.

Then we can connect.


Serve our customers like the way we wish to be served.

With respect, love and trust.


Create a happy and positive environment for everyone in the Finer Labels community.

Share happy testimonials, accepted QC pictures and successful launch of new models.


Create a seamless online shopping experience.

Because we believe your time is precious.


Always give new customers more love and kindness.

We are just getting to know one another.


Always be reminded that we are Super Rep grade sellers.

We need to have discipline in our material suppliers and our assembly crew.


Only work with reputable courier team.

Quality and great service will mean nothing, if our customer do not receive their orders.


Stay down to earth.

Everyday is a blessing. Every customer is a gift.


Our customers are our guests.

Guests are always served well & first.


Not everything is meant for us.

Some opportunities are meant for others if the values cannot match.



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