Terms and Conditions




We are everything about your fave fashion brand. Replicated.


Who we are.

We are a team of very realistic 3rd generation replica makers. 

We upgraded AAA grade replicas to SUPE REP.


In 2016, we secured partnerships with very experience product makers and importing of 1:1 materials.


We only replicate when we receive orders from our resellers. 

We do not mass manufacture and we replicate with the real item in front of us. 

If the item is not good enough for our own use, we do not sell them. 


Our goal is to replicate every product perfectly and showcase them worldwide.


Buy SUPER REP and keep real money in them.



Terms and Conditions

The official bits...

We’re Finer Labels, a company in China, Guangzhou.

When you shop with us (or access our services, apps and websites (our “Websites”)), these terms apply. They’re important for both of us as they set out what we expect from each other, and they also give you helpful info. Of course, if you need anything else, get in touch with Customer Care (24/7 Live Chat Support) – we always love to hear from you!

We keep these terms updated and we amend them every so often, so remember to check back in before you shop, as the latest set will apply.


About you

To shop with us, you need to:


  • know that every product is replica;
  • we are not selling AAA grade, so, do not expect AAA grade price for SUPER REP grade; and
  • know, we are also Trusted Dealers in RepGeek and RWG forum.


Just FYI, some of the goods sold through our Websites are all first pay first secure and while stocks and sizes last.



Placing an order

When you place an order, you should receive an acknowledgement e-mail confirming receipt of your order. We then carry out a standard pre-authorisation check to make sure there’s enough money on the card.

We only accept your order once payment has been approved and we have debited the payment card (and then the contract is made based on these terms).

You may be email us immediately to confirm your order or cancel your order. 

All orders are subject to availability and confirmation of the order price. Don’t worry, if there’s an issue with an order, we’ll get in touch with you.

Very occasionally, we may need to refuse or cancel an order if the product has defaults or out of stock.

We also will freeze or ban member if we notice fake buyers, unusual buyers and unreasonable buyers. If this happens to you and you think we’ve made a mistake, please don’t take offence – get in touch with Customer Care (24/7 Live Chat Support)  and they’ll be happy to speak to you about it.



Prices and product descriptions

There’s a lot going on here at Finer Labels HQ and from time to time our busy Finer Labels’ers may not have updated the price or describe a product or remove promo. If we discover such an error for any goods you’ve ordered, we will tell you ASAP and give you the option of reconfirming your order (at the correct price) or cancelling it.

Prices on the cart exclude shipping fee.



QC Pictures Approval

We work our Finer Labels socks off to try to prepare your QC pictures for your approvals. Sometimes, there maybe delays – e.g. because of bad weather, police raids, replacement because the first item is defaultive etc. We will keep you updated as much as we can. Any problems with your QC? Please let us know anytime, we’ll do our best to help you.




Upon receiving your approval of the QC pictures, we send your order to the courier the very night.

We do not deliver orders ourselves. All orders are handed over to a very experience courier company, reputable for shipping replica goods, to deliver to you.


The courier deliver worldwide daily. Except Saturday and Public Holidays.
Our courier partners decide which is the best way to ship and when is the best timing to ship into your country.


These years, delivery phase had been delayed by the pandemic and the trade war. 

Once your order is up and going, you will receive a set of tracking numbers to trace. 


Ever since the trade war, the co-operation between countries has not been as efficient. The status of your order reflected through the tracking number may not be shown exactly. e.g, the status reads it is still in the HongKong port, but in fact, it is already on its way to you. If you feel you need some clarity, please contact us through our Customer Care. (24/7 Live Chat Support).


We are able to ship to Europe countries and any custom sensitive countries by means of Transshipping. 

Transshipping through Finer Labels simply means, we ship from China to Hong Kong to United Kingdom to you. 

It is a process that takes up to a month or more. 



Returns and refunds


Returning an unwanted item?

We get it, sometimes something just doesn’t work for you and you want your money back. Unfortunately, due to the fact that the whole world is against China selling replica goods, China custom bans all replica goods coming into China too. 


(It is illegal to sell/ ship  replicas. It takes us, a reputable courier for us to ship replicas to you, it is impossible for you to ship replica to any countries, without getting yourself into trouble.)


As a result, we strongly urge all buyers to be sure of what you want and check your QC pictures thoroughly. 



We hardly have refunds. However, if one takes place, we refund promptly within the working week.



Delivery Cost, Tracking Number and Delivery Worldwide

Delivery cost varies with weight and size of the order and which country to deliver to. 

All orders are ship from China to Hong Kong, then to your address. Your tracking number is available when your order reaches Hong Kong. Shipment truly starts from Hong Kong onwards. 


Some countries has very sensitive custom. e.g France, Germany, Africa, and other Europe countries. These countries will require transshipping facilities.  


Delivery Seizures and Our Warranty

All our deliveries comes with a first seizure warranty. 

Finer Labels is the only company that provide this coverage for our buyers. 

How it works exactly is, basically, Finer Labels, pays through our own pocket if your order is seized for the first time. This is to ensure our buyers are not disappointed. 


The replacement is only activated when, we receive the official seizure letter from your custom. With that letter, then we will tally with our courier. 


We will only replace the exact item ordered and ship to the same address. 


Our warranty do not support subsequent seizure.


If you do not want your order to be replaced. 60% of the product cost will be refunded.

Promo Codes

From time to time, we may give you Promo Codes that you can use to reduce the price of specified products. Remember, it’s up to you to enter the code at checkout!

Here are some key things to remember:

Each Promo Code has its own terms, which will be made clear at the time it’s issued to you (e.g. what products, single/multiple use, when it can be used etc).


If you’re given a unique Promo Code that is meant just for you (e.g. a VVIP Promo Code) please keep it secret and don’t let anyone else use it or abuse it (e.g. don’t post it on social media). If we think there is or has been misuse of a Promo Code in any way (e.g. selling it or sharing it with others), we can cancel your Promo Code and/or suspend or even close your account without telling you.

We don’t like to do this, but if a Promo Code can’t run properly because someone or something is spoiling the fun for everyone – e.g. fraud, tampering, technical errors or anything else that is beyond our control that affects the running or fairness of the Promo Code – we can cancel, modify or suspend the Promo Code.



Gift Vouchers and Gift Cards

If you’re the lucky recipient of a Finer Labels Gift Voucher or Finer Labels Gift Card (high five!) head over to our Customer Care (24/7 Live Chat Support) to find out how and when they can be used. A few points to bear in mind:

It’s best to lock your Gift Voucher or Gift Card to your Finer Labels account ASAP to keep it safe.

Gift Vouchers and Gift Cards can’t be used to buy products which are currently on promotion.

If you’re being super generous and buying someone else an Finer Labels Gift Voucher, please make sure you get their email address correct! If you get it wrong and the Gift Voucher is emailed to someone else who uses it, there’s not much we can do. Check, double check and even triple check before you buy it.

Speaking of emails, sometimes pesky (but useful) spam filters send our emails into junk or spam folders. So, if you’ve not been thanked for your generous gift, it’s worth giving them a nudge because there might be something wonderful waiting for them in their junk or spam folder!

Gift vouchers will expire 1 years from the date of receipt. 


Gift vouchers can only be purchased by contacting us.



Your information

Our Privacy Policy sets out how we’ll use your information. If your details change, remember that you need to update My Account so we can continue giving you our best service (you can also update your marketing preferences there).

At Finer Labels, we love being able to interact with and chat to you through social media. However, we can’t control those social media platforms or how you set your profiles on them. Please check and set your privacy settings so that you understand and are comfortable with how your personal information on those platforms will be used.



Things you shouldn’t do…

We know it’s obvious, but you must not report, misuse or tamper with our websites, apps or other services (“Websites”) (e.g. hack, introduce viruses, trojans, worms, logic bombs or other technologically harmful material or carry out denial of service attacks etc) or otherwise mess with our tech or functionality or steal our or our customers’ data. Doing any of these things may trigger us to counter attack to protect our customers and ourselves against your actions. Your bad intention, will get in the way of us giving our loyal Finer Labels customers the best service, so we take them really seriously. 

We recommend you use Customer Care to resolve any unhappiness or misunderstanidng. Although we have a dedicated team who work hard to stop people messing with our Website, we can’t guarantee that it will always be secure from bugs, viruses or trouble-makers.

Oh, and you’re not allowed to use automated systems or software to extract data from our Website (AKA 'screen scraping').

Troublemakers take note: Stay Away.



Linking to this Website

It’s fine for you to link to Finer Labels website to your blog, forum or any discussion as long as you do so in a way that doesn’t damage or take advantage of our reputation.

Please don’t link in a way that suggests any form of approval or endorsement by Finer Labels where none exists.

Our Website must not be framed on any other site without our permission.




Complaints or need to speak to us?

Occasionally things do go wrong and you may want to get in touch with us. If that happens, please contact our Customer Care team, who will work with you to resolve any issues you’re having with our services:


  • Email us.
  • Whatsapp us. 
  • WeChat us. 
  • Telegram us.


Please be aware that when submitting your complaint form, this will be your only opportunity to submit any facts or evidence that you consider relevant to your complaint in support of your case. 

Once you have submitted your complaint form, you have to stop and remove all damages you have already made to us while we sort things out. 



Finer Labels stuff

We have the right to amend, remove or vary our services and/or any part of the Website (including our Ts&Cs) at any time.



User Generated Content Ts&Cs

Have we reached out to you on social media to feature our products on your social media channels? Congrats! It means you are very famous for replicas.

By giving us the opportunity to feature our products on your social media channels and by responding with the required hashtag (such as #finerlabels & #superrep) you agree:

  • to be our promoter.   
  • you will advise your supporter where to find us and how Finer Labels can add value to their interest.
  • Finer Labels can ask you to remove your post if we find it not relevant or conflict our interest.






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