Upon receiving your approval of the QC pictures, we send your order to the courier the very night.

We do not deliver orders ourselves. All orders are handed over to a very experience courier company, reputable for shipping replica goods, to deliver to you.


The courier deliver worldwide daily. Except Saturday and Public Holidays.
Our courier partners decide which is the best way to ship and when is the best timing to ship into your country.


These years, delivery phase had been delayed by the pandemic and the trade war. 

Once your order is up and going, you will receive a set of tracking numbers to trace. 


Ever since the trade war, the co-operation between countries has not been as efficient. The status of your order reflected through the tracking number may not be shown exactly. e.g, the status reads it is still in the HongKong port, but in fact, it is already on its way to you. If you feel you need some clarity, please contact us through our Customer Care. (24/7 Live Chat Support).


We are able to ship to Europe countries and any custom sensitive countries by means of Transshipping. 

Transshipping through Finer Labels simply means, we ship from China to Hong Kong to United Kingdom to you. 

It is a process that takes up to a month or more.



Delivery Cost, Tracking Number and Delivery Worldwide

Delivery cost varies with weight and size of the order and which country to deliver to. 

All orders are ship from China to Hong Kong, then to your address. Your tracking number is available when your order reaches Hong Kong. Shipment truly starts from Hong Kong onwards. 


Some countries has very sensitive custom. e.g France, Germany, Africa, and other Europe countries. These countries will require transshipping facilities.  


Delivery Seizures and Our Warranty

All our deliveries comes with a first seizure warranty. 

Finer Labels is the only company that provide this coverage for our buyers. 

How it works exactly is, basically, Finer Labels, pays through our own pocket if your order is seized for the first time. This is to ensure our buyers are not disappointed. 


The replacement is only activated when, we receive the official seizure letter from your custom. With that letter, then we will tally with our courier. 


We will only replace the exact item ordered and ship to the same address. 


Our warranty do not support subsequent seizure.


If you do not want your order to be replaced. 60% of the product cost will be refunded. 

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