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«Outstanding service by day delivery of purse...a first for me. Payment, QC pics and receipt in three days. Why can’t the other TDs find a courier that can deliver just as fast? See tracking below.

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Wednesday, January 10, 2018 at 12:29


Origin Service Area:



Destination Service Area:



Wednesday, January 10, 2018 Location Time 

12 Delivered - SAN DIEGO 12:29 

11 With delivery courier SOUTH SAN DIEGO, CA - USA 09:54 

10 Arrived at Delivery Facility in SOUTH SAN DIEGO, CA - USA 07:32 

9 Departed Facility in LOS ANGELES GATEWAY, CA - USA 04:21 

8 Processed at LOS ANGELES GATEWAY, CA - USA 04:21

7 Clearance processing complete at LOS ANGELES GATEWAY, CA - USA 02:29 

6 Arrived at Sort Facility LOS ANGELES GATEWAY,CA - USA 02:00 

5 Customs status updated LOS ANGELES GATEWAY, CA - USA 


Wednesday, January 10, 2018 Location Time 

4 Departed Facility in HONG KONG 01:17 

3 Processed at HONG KONG 01:14 


Tuesday, January 09, 2018 Location Time 

2 Arrived at Sort Facility HONG KONG 20:38 

1 Shipment picked up HONG KONG 15:27»

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LV Kimono Bag & LV Scarves
«Long story made into a short story:

Wife never wears rep. Never ever. Anything ever.

Wife wants another LV bag & a couple scarves to add to her collection of lady things.

Wife quietly says rep would be ok but needs to be perfect. Husband in shock. 10 years of rep watches & All I get is grief.

Step forward finer labels. Ben is the Man. Nameless female assistant knows her stuff in the markets. Great team.

Request for “Perfect” LV. 

Order LV Kimono Bag “Super Rep”

Order LV Monogram Scarf/Blanket thing in black “SR”

Order LV Monogram Scarf/Blanket thing in blue “SR”

Told my order is too late for Christmas delivery.

I say ok. Let’s proceed anyway- she can get them as a treat.

$1K Order placed 12 December - great payment system. Fast & very easy to use.

Proceed to procure gen gifts for wife- no bag but other things on her list. Shoes, gloves, jewellery etc. 

I am broke. 

Package arrived 21st December.

All retail packaging included. Some very clever methods. I’ll say no more.

Bag: Flawless. Leather is legit as gen. finish & stitching, unreal. Compared to other gen LV bag wife has - my QC eye cannot find anything to discern the super rep from gen. 

Scarves. Flawless. Compared to wife’s gen of the same style just different colour. Same silk / cotton mix. Monogram pattern is perfect.

Wife: Very Happy.

Husband: Belly full, sack empty.

I haven’t taken any pics myself but I can share other pics received.

 Very good service with great communication. If I ever need anything again, & let’s face it, I will; I’ll be using FinerLabels


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Cartier Love Bangle Review
«Gorgeous!!! Absolutely gorgeous!

This is $258 plus $38 shipping to USA.
Years ago i purchased one from a replica website for about $20.00 and it doesn't even come close to this quality, nowhere near. This is authentic quality. The only difference from the genuine is it's not solid gold. I'm amazed and I have seen and held the genuine Cartier bracelet. 

I was very indecisive in which color to pick; yellow or white gold. I was very concerned with the yellow gold fading because this is not a bracelet to take on and off on a daily basis. I told Ben that I would be wearing it all the time, during showers, exercise, etc and asked him if it would be better to order the white gold because if it faded it would be unnoticeable because it is silver underneath. Ben replied that the 18k gold wrap would not fade, he guaranteed it. So I ordered the yellow gold. 
August 24: emailed ben and requested actual photos of bracelet. The ones on his website were digital. 
August 25: Ben emailed me actual photos of bracelet.
September 2: requested payment information. 
September 3: Sent payment
September 5: received QC photos. Looked great, sent my okay to ship. 
September 8 Mailed out from Hong Kong via DHL.
September 12: Received in Michigan, USA

Seals so perfectly you can hardly tell where it splits, the screw is as flat as the others. 

Over all very happy with transaction and with the product. A+ :D»

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